Traditional evening market

Dates: On Wednesdays 3.6-26.8.2020

Time: 4pm-9pm

At the market square, small flea market vendors with their blankets meet up with the familiar market traders.

There is a different stage performance every week.

The evening market is the meeting place for everybody!

A promenade at the Old Town

On Wednesdays 3.6-26.8.2020

Starting point: The Mannerheim Market Square a 6pm.

Duration: approx. 60mins.

Fee: 5€ per person, children 0-12 free

Tour is in Finnish.

Come and hear the stories about the old times!

Free guided bus tours

On Saturdays 13.6, 27,6, 11.7, 25.7, 8.8 ja 29.8

Starting point: The Market square bus stop

Depature time: 11:00

Duration: approx. 1h 30mins

Join us to hear about the history, modern times and the future of Kokkola.

Free guided walking tours at the grave yard

Maria Graveyard

Location: Laajalahdentie 34

Tour dates: 14.6, 5.7, 19.6 ja 23.8

Starting point: Infront of the Old chapel at 5pm

Duration: approx. 60mins

We have a music session at the Old chapel after the tour.

Elisabeth cementery

Location: Vaasantie

Tour dates: 7.6, 28.6 ja 9.8

Starting point: From the gate by Vaasantie at 5pm

Welcome to hear the stories about the gravestones.

Kokkola - Gamlakarleby 400

On Sundays 12.7, 26.7 & 23.8

Pageant written by Anneli Meriläinen for the travel guides

Venue: Laivurintalo, Läntinen Kirkkokatu 26, Kokkola

Fee: 10€

Welcome to the guided tours

*We reserve the right to make changes*